What I Learned From Bad Mom Groups About Sexy Time – Part 1: Bum Bum

There are Mom Groups and then there are Bad Mom groups. Bad Groups are basically an extreme version of a Facebook Mom Group where anything goes. A Bad Mom Group is the type of group where Moms are basically done with Coronavirus and done with anything and no holds barred.

This is all based on the movie: Bad Moms which essentially are Moms who live their lives and don’t fall victim to the glaring eyes of the judging moms.  I’d say I’m definitely trying to live life as wild and free as they are but not there yet.

That said, the purpose of the group is to really just let it all hang out.  If you have any questions about anything, they are there to lovingly answer.

Okay, ummm how do I title this post to be at least something that Facebook doesn’t ban. Ummm well, you can see why “Sexy Time in the Bum Bum” was much better than the original question somebody posted.

In this case, the question was:  Do any Moms here like Anal Sex?

Now first of all, I have multiple thoughts out of this. My initial thoughts?
1) Damn these Moms are brave! Do you realize that 100s of Moms are posting their replies?
2) Wow, I must be doing something wrong in my marriage?
3) Can I ask just about anything?

That all said, it’s been an eye opening experience. You ever hear of the term “Everything you wanted to know about… but were afraid to ask”? That’s a Bad Mom group. A repository for all the mom info that you might not necessarily have thought about asking but now, here it is.


So here are the Top-9 things I’ve learned from reading my local Bad Mom Group.



1) It seems that Red Wine is a prerequisite for enjoying oneself.

2) It seems tools are required.

3) Some people don’t like it and it’s rather size-dependent.

4) Okay, maybe strong amounts of wine or further is what is needed.

5) Okay, size is definitely a factor here.

6) Okay this Mom switched from not doing it to becoming an addict.

7) A Fan, but I’m a Freak. Can I get that in a t-shirt?

8) There’s a bit of debate on who it’s for?

9) The obvious seems to be a concern.

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