I just tried Goalz keto chocolates and now I can die


Just before you start the ketogenic diet, you fear you will fail. The sweet taste of sugar is so strongly implemented in our brain. Most people who undergo the keto journey will start by rampaging keto-friendly treats, desserts, and chocolates from the stores’ shelves. But let’s be honest. Most of them are not that good. And they’re kinda pricey too.

It’s been two years now that I am keto. I lost 100 pounds during the first year, and the second was just a question of keeping good habits. In the process, I stopped buying those treats. First, because I do not crave them anyway now, but also because I was disappointed way too many times.

image - package of Goalz keto chocolates

The Story

That long intro is only to say that I was not too optimistic when I opened the package of Goalz keto chocolates that was sent to me. But indifference quickly turned to giggles of joy. Goalz is the best chocolate, keto or not, that I ever tried in my life.

Less than 1g of net carbs per 3-piece serving is very keto-friendly. Where other companies will use Stevia extract, Erythritol, or Monk fruit as a sugar replacement, Goalz went with allulose. They state on their website that Stevia and Monk fruit are “strong and have non-sugar-like taste. … Therefore, they are usually accompanied by fillers and maskers.” They continue by saying that “Allulose is the new hot plant-based sugar in the market. It is preferred over others since its characteristics and taste are very similar to sugar. The only downside of Allulose is it is a rare sugar and more expensive than the others.”

Expensive? I don’t know. But Goalz keto Dark Chocolates and Milk Chocolates are actually very affordable. Cheaper than most other treats I’ve tried in the past, I must say. A package of 27 chocolate discs of 2 inches in diameter and 3/16 inch thick is only $9.95, with no shipping fee. 


I love these keto chocolates, but I have a very big beef with Goalz. I am disappointed. Sad. Even angry sometimes. I live in the Great White North, but they don’t ship to Canada. I tasted paradise, but I can’t have it anymore. Now let me go back to the fetal position and cry.