I love my Ilios Beauty Ring!

image of the Ilios Beauty Ring makeup mirror

Ladies, you have to have this mirror.  Like, stop what you are doing and get one. I am talking about the Ilios Beauty Ring.  This is your all-in-one makeup mirror and ring light.  It literally mimics daylight.   Kim Kardashian says this is the “best makeup mirror ever!”

I had a lot of fun last night playing with this.  It has 5 different dimming levels and three color modes.  The color modes are amazing, I want to add.  I use “cool” for daylight makeup application and normal skincare.  Use “warm” to mimic candlelight.  “Blend” is a nice mix of the two.  Also, I want to mention that I threw out my simple mirror immediately and added this beauty to my dresser.  It really was an upgrade to my vanity decor!

The Beauty  Ring gives off light very similar to real sunlight.  The LED light works against your overhead fluorescent lighting.  It has a smartphone arm so no cumbersome parts to deal with.   It also has this great smartphone holder built right in.  You simply pop out the mirror and pull down the phone arm.  It is designed to fit nicely behind your laptop so you quite literally turn your home office into a professionally lit studio!  Where was this during the zoom meetings I was on every day during the height of the pandemic!

The mirror is oversized and can be magnified 1x or 5x.  You can also purchase a light stand or travel case.

Honestly, I have been having a lot of fun using this mirror.  In fact, my husband says I look like a model (I’ll take the compliment!)  I am applying makeup like never before and spending some much-needed time pampering myself!  The mirror costs $249 and is completely worth the splurge!

Check out the Beauty Ring and the other impressive add-ons available from Ilios.