iBERT Child Carrier

My family and I are trying to get outside at least 3 days a week for a family bike ride.  With the little ones, this can be a challenge; who stays back, or who pulls a cumbersome wagon….all because it is almost impossible to find a bike seat for you toddler that you actually feel safe using.  I’ve done research on a few and ultimately decided none were acceptable; until now.

I need you all to check out the iBERT; this is a state of the art front child carrier that is both safe and super sleek.  I want to mention first and foremost that this took approximately 10 minutes to install.  It actually attached and/or detaches within minutes.  This means the days of this being the “mom bike” are over.  I can use the carrier for a family ride and easily take off when I hit the trails for some “me time”.  The carrier is made from aluminum and steel and I really feel like it is sturdy and my child is in wonderful hands.  Center of gravity is perfect and my toddler felt like she was part of the ride instead of the “backseat rider”.  The seat will cost you around $100.  Not bad for a safe and super awesome ride!

Oh, and I want to mention that I really feel honored that I am among some pretty cool celebrities that use the iBERT!

Las Celebrities lucen iBert



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