Sandals that I feel we should talk about

Ok; so I am big into shoes.  Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall; doesn’t matter the season; I find a reason to buy them up at an alarming rate (according to the hubby).  Boots/Espadrilles/Pumps/Sandals I seem to find the clothes to go with them.

I decided to give a chance to a “totally out of left field” style of  Rope Sandals from Nomadic State Of Mind yesterday at work.  While I was slightly worried about how the day would go (would they be comfortable/would they be stylish/would they drive me nuts) I have to say they were remarkably comfy and definitely a conversation piece.  Sometimes you have to simply put all the social media/keeping up with the Jones’ aside and go back to the basics.  These unique sandals are made from actual recycled/reused rope.  They are airy, machine washable, made by hand and totally transformed me into a laid back and relaxed chick.  I was wearing the “JC Sandal” in red white and blue which retails for around $40 and my first words to describe them would be liberating.  My feet were free and relaxed which I guess is the goal with footwear.  Simply put: many varieties, totally comfy, very different, socially smart and not expensive.  Go check them out!

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