IGNITE® LED Teeth Whitening System

IGNITE LED Teeth Whitening SystemThere are lots of teeth whitening products on the market, from toothpaste to whitening strips and more. After talking with my dentist, it appears that the best and most effective way to whiten my teeth is with the LED option. However, it’s expensive, and not permanent. That’s why BriteWhite developed the IGNITE® LED Teeth Whitening System.

IGNITE is a LED-based whitening system that uses carbamide peroxide whitening gel with blue LED to break down plaque and deep stains. The blue LED is a catalyst to get the peroxide whitening gel activated and speeds up the overall whitening process. It takes about 20 minutes total and can be done at your convenience since it is portable.

The whitening gel is designed to be brushed on the teeth, which will help it not bleach your gums or lips. And, the LED unit comes with disposable mouthpiece covers. Not only does that make keeping the unit sterile easier, but it also means that you can share the unit with your family members. BriteWhite recommends that you maintain your teeth whitening by using the IGNITE® LED Teeth Whitening System once a week, but obviously, your desired results and actual results will determine if you use the system less often.

For me, protecting my enamel is really important, so I like the fact that the IGNITE® LED Teeth Whitening System is designed to be used without softening enamel. It’s also designed to not bother sensitive teeth. What you do need to take into consideration, however, is that it can’t whiten Veneers, Bridges, or Crowns, and shouldn’t be used if you have periodontal disease or exposed roots, at least not without your dentist’s approval. As with any product, there are other recommendations and warnings that you can read about on their website at www.igniteteethwhitening.com.

The IGNITE® LED Teeth Whitening System can be purchased through their website, or by phone, and comes with a one year warranty. It costs less than $100 but can be used approximately 50 times before you need to buy any refills. That is certainly more affordable than getting a treatment done at a dentist office. And I certainly like being able to multitask and get things done at home!

If you decide to try the IGNITE® LED Teeth Whitening System for yourself, share your thoughts and/or photos with us in the comments section below.

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