Pro Light Dental Whitening System

All the things we running-ragged mommies like are bad for the teeth.  Coffee/Tea/Wine; they all stain and age your teeth!  Just another thing to worry about!  I usually stray from teeth whitening regimens because they take forever and usually involve some kind of petri dish for prep work.  Ain’t no one got time for that!

I was sent the Pro Light Dental Whitening System from Luster Premium White  and this plan totally fits my life!  I can’t believe how I can see a change a half hour after using once.  Here is what I did: I started by pretreating my teeth with the “Accelerinse”.  Next up use the whitening serum on each tooth to lift surface stains (with peroxide action)!  Finally, you “activate” the serum you just applied with the whitening light for two minutes.  Honestly, it was super easy and quick.  I kind of go at my own pace and really see results!  Oh and I want to mention that I have super sensitive teeth (as such new products always stress me out) and I experiences ZERO discomfort.

Check it out for yourself; kick-start your summer smile!  Cost is around $44 for the box (refills around $20).