Il Monello – New York City

il monello

Il Monello, located at 337 E 49th St. in New York City, offers a nice black and white decor that blends modernist elements with an old-school charm. As we stepped in, we were pleasantly greeted with a delightful olive oil infused with real olives and served alongside freshly baked Italian bread, setting a promising tone for the meal ahead.

The Meal

The baked clams were a standout appetizer, boasting freshness and perfectly complemented by a flavorful tomato sauce that left a lasting impression. The presentation was well-executed, with the clams beautifully stacked together, showcasing the restaurant’s attention to detail.

Throughout our dining experience, the service was quite excellent. The staff was attentive and accommodating, ensuring we had everything we needed to enjoy our meal. They are an extremely attentive staff.

The Desserts

But the true star of the show at Il Monello was undeniably the desserts. These sweet treats were nothing short of massive portions, clearly made in-house with care and dedication. The tiramisu, with its spongy texture, offered a traditional taste that satisfied our cravings for a classic Italian indulgence. Equally impressive was the lava cake, exuding richness and flavor that only comes from a homemade creation. It was certainly evident that they craft their desserts with skill and passion, making them a must-try for any diner at Il Monello.

While the overall experience at Il Monello was wonderful, it is the desserts that leave a lasting impression and set this restaurant apart. Whether you are craving a little indulgence after a meal or looking for a delightful place to enjoy a nice macchiato and dessert, this restaurant is worth a visit.

Il Monello offers a pleasant dining experience with attentive service and an inviting ambiance. While the savory dishes were enjoyable, it is the delightful array of house-made desserts that truly steal the show. If you find yourself in New York City and in need of a sweet treat, we recommend stopping by Il Monello for a taste of their delightful offerings.