I’m Awakened by Woken!

If you are a mom you almost always drink coffee.  I am certainly not saying all moms do but the one’s I hang around always have a cup of hot or iced “joe” in their hand.  Now, with the invention of the keurig and other “pod” machines it is almost impossible not to have a cup at your fingertips any time of the day.  No mess, no wasted coffee that sits in the pot and really no excuse for not enjoying the caffeine rush!

Now that being said, I also try and be as environmentally conscience as I can.  There is just way too much waste in this world.  What if I told you I was personally enjoying an espresso as I write this from a completely earth friendly pod???  Well I totally am!  I know we have to live in this “on the go” convenience world but all these one time use pods, cups and straws are going to wreck us!  The landfills are overflowing and by the way plastic and aluminum simply do NOT break down.

Woken coffee pods are 100% compostable.  This makes them the perfect companion for your home service machine and the world around us!  The roasts are super flavorful and super bold and are grown impeccably in Italy.  The first kind I tried (and the one that ended up being my absolute favorite) is Lungo.  This is a super bold blend absolutely perfect to start off the day.  The hubby is loving Arabica which is most delicious roast.  If creamy richness is your preference you will adore their Deciso.  If you cannot make up your mind, grab up a sampler pack or two.

Now I want to mention quickly that I am very partial to my favorite brand of coffee so I was leery to try Woken.  I am so so glad I did!  I get the bold/rich flavor I love all while doing my part to ensure that the environment sticks around for my great great grandchildren.  We all are so busy; you can also set up a monthly delivery so that you never are without it!  Think teacher and grab bag gifts for the upcoming holidays as well!

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