Outside of the Box Gifts for Christmas

Christmas shopping.  You either love it or you hate it.  I know I am always trying to figure out what will make someone smile all year, not just once the wrapping paper is torn open.  I like to try and find gifts that are useful and fun.  Gifts that are different and are definitely one of a kind.  So here is a list of outside of the box gift ideas that are easy, fun, useful, and clever to wow everyone on your list!

Let’s start with the stocking stuffers!  Winter weather can be harsh, and lip balms are always handy to have.  Beessential Natural Body Care has great options for keeping lips soft, hydrated, and protected.  Not to mention, they will have your lips kiss ready for that mistletoe!  They have great options for every flavor desire, from lavender to coconut lime, to rose and peppermint, and even natural honey.  On their website, https://www.beessential.com/, you can choose different quantities of your favorite variety, or get a “HappBee Holidays” tin and choose your own mix and match combination.  Made with all natural ingredients, the beeswax lip balms (and more skin care products) come from a family run farm in Ohio.  Their Lemon Lavender Lip Balm has won best lip balm for the past three years from Total Beauty, and once you try it, you will know why.  Their lip balms go on smooth and don’t feel rough.  They are light with scents that are not overpowering.  Chapped lips are no match for the Beessential lip balms!

Who has teens that are eagerly awaiting the age when they can get their first tattoo, or that are always drawing on themselves?  BIC has the solution and surprise for those eager artists with their Body Mark Temporary Tattoo Markers.  They are cosmetic quality markers, come with a fine tip for those fine lines, and come in a variety of vibrant colors.  The Temporary Tattoo Markers are a great idea for adding some skin safe flair for parties, sporting events, or even just for fun.  I personally love Henna, and am excited to be able to try out some new designs with their Henna Vibes Collection.  The themed collections allow you to get the colors you want for the project you have in mind, and their Body Mark app offers some tips and tricks to using them.  Choose your collection or single pack at https://www.bodymarkbic.com/en/home. 

From “across the pond” comes our next gift idea for the coffee or tea drinkers in your life.  The Muggi is a drink tray that makes it easy to carry multiple mugs at once without spilling, or burning your hand!  As the “safest drinks tray in the world,” it comes with an 88 year guarantee.  Muggis are made not just for mugs, but can be used to safely and easily carry cups, glasses, or mugs whether they are hot or cold.  This is a perfect idea for the host/hostess in your group, grandma’s bridge club, or even just to have on hand for the holiday company.  I like the lightweight design and the rubber cushions on the bottom so there are no worries about scratching the table top.  They are available in a wide range of colors, and ship worldwide.  So grab your mug of choice and treat it to a Muggi at https://muggi.co.uk/.

Next up is a cute idea for anyone, young or old, because everyone loves s’mores!  Stuffed Puffs S’mores Kit makes sure you can have easy s’mores indoors or outdoors any time of year.  The proprietary manufacturing process is ingenious, the marshmallows are stuffed with chocolate, ensuring that every s’mores has perfectly melted chocolate.  The kit comes with 2 sleeves of Graham Crackers and one bag of Stuffed Puffs marshmallows.  You can enjoy them traditional by roasting over an open flame, or microwave them and have hot s’mores in 7 seconds.  This is sure to be a hot commodity in any White Elephant party, and bring a smile to anyone’s face.  Order yours today at https://stuffedpuffs.com/.

Last but not least is the gift that will get you major points.  Smart Ideas for Life’s Bath Caddy and Laptop Bed Desk is made for anyone.  For the workaholics, it is great to get some last minute paperwork done while relaxing in bed or on the couch.  For the exhausted mom, gift her the present of a much needed bubble bath with a glass of wine and her tablet.  The Bath Caddy and Laptop Bed Desk is made to safely and securely hold everything with the cut outs for cups and phones.  The side trays are removable and the stand in the middle flips up to the perfect angle for a book, computer, or tablet.  The Bath Caddy has rubber grips on the bottom and the arms extend up to 42.5″ so you can feel confident that you will be the only thing slipping into the water.  The foldable legs also are adjustable to make sure that your Laptop Bed Desk is at the ideal height for you.  The design is sturdy and the look is appealing and modern.  It comes in two colors: Natural Bamboo and Espresso and is available at https://smartideas4life.com/products/bathtub-caddy-laptop-bed-desk?variant=22376554365009.  This is a gift that you might want to buy two of, one for your loved one and one as a gift to yourself!

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