I’m coloring, I’m less stressed and I am possibly a better parent?!?


I live my entire existence super stressed out (always).  Does everyone know about this “adult coloring brings stress relief” wave that I have been hearing so much about lately? So if I concentrate on coloring and “staying in the lines” I can actually calm myself down? Check out some worthwhile information on this topic!

Ok; so now I have my coloring book, my pencils and a glass of vino and I am off to get this under control.  A copy of The Wonder Body basically fell into my lap and I have been devoting at least a half hour a night to my own “in-house therapy”.  This book is a trip through your body’s senses; this goes beyond the normal “5” and into the portals of your bodies energy and pleasure system.  We can relax, decrease stress levels and actually boost our immune system all while learning a little bit about our body.  This can work with cases of depression, dementia, PTSD and anxiety.  I am so impressed with the drawings I have worked with so far and the journey I am taking as a result.
This is a trip through the senses meets calm the heck down meets a minute for me.  I am a total work in progress.  I’ll take it.

This could be a great gift for the holidays since we all need a minute for ourselves!

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