smarTfold is making me a smarter parent

Can the ease of a simple baby/toddler product actually make me smarter?

Sometimes this gig is the best; I get to try stuff out; cool stuff, practical stuff like the smarTfold by smarTrike. This is like the best thing to hit the mommy trail in years.  This is a stroller meets tricycle that literally grows with your child.  I remember my first stroller both the hubby and I would struggle to fold it and stow in the trunk; think about it: it’s raining, screaming kid, shopping bags – you literally have negative one hands to work with.  Well this stroller folds in like two seconds!  I was basically a show-off in my driveway LOL

LADIES: I needed NOT ONE TOOL in this process.  I know, I know.. seems insane.

The seat reclines easily and can turn 360 degrees so that you can go face to face with that cute little guy or face forward the traditional way.  This stroller grows with your child from about 6 months to 36 months!  (I know I was floored myself).  Oh and it comes in super cute color options!  Same 5 point safety harness you are used to so nothing is comprised for ease and comfort.  At the mall, you can actually hold your baby with one arm, close the stroller and carry easily with the handle for the quick ride up the escalator.  This germ-phobe mommy is thrilled to not have to ride in the close-talkin’ elevator during cold and flu season!  The cost is about $100-$130 dollars so this is a no brainer!  The new SmarTfold 700 folds up even smaller than the models beforehand!  More and more impressive!

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