I’m Drowning In Plastic Bags and I’m not Happy

plastic bagsPlastic bags. We all have them in our house and store them for when we need them. But what drives me insane is that about eventually these things feel like tribbles in Star Trek. They keep on growing and growing and growing. Before you know it, you are inundated with a plethora of plastic bags.

Today I found a drawer in which my entire family seemed to conspire to store plastic bags. Maybe they were fearing the zombie apocalypse, or maybe they were worried about a sudden plastic bag apocalypse, but here we are, inundated with bags. It’s as if these plastic bags and become the most valuable asset in the world and now I’m scared crapless to get rid of them.

Now I feel like in our upbringing, every family has the situation. Every family seems to reinforce the value of every object. There is no point in throwing away anything that might have a purpose because we might have a use for it. But now, I have hundreds of plastic bags. I actually have bags of bags filled with bags. I am sure I could build a small structure with sandbags. I could open an Amazon store just filled with some plastic bags and do quite well. If there was a flood, I could build sand bags filled with plastic bags.

So now my question is this, “What the hell do you do with all your leftover bags when you’ve hit such a level that you don’t even need?”

Is there ways to solve this by making plastic bag clothing? Can I work on melting it down to a new form of alternative fuel? How do I get myself out of the horrible abyss of plastic bag storage ?