Interview with On Adventure With Dad – Graphic Designer/Instagram Star

Kenny Deuss posts his work on Instagram as On Adventure With Dad.   What’s really amazing about it is that he keeps a brilliant balance between realism and extreme.  Quite a few people will post comments showing that they took it as real before they realized it’s just really good graphic editing and not bad parenting.

Once I discovered this Instagram feed, I couldn’t stop watching.  It’s a brilliant way to bond with your kid and makes for some great memories.

Here is our exclusive interview with On Adventure With Dad – Graphic Designer/Instagram Star, Kenny Deuss.

MS) What inspired you to do this project?

KD) Every Tuesday, I have a day off of work to take care of our daughter. While my girlfriend is at work, she regularly asks for updates or photos to see if our daughter is doing fine. I wanted to joke a bit about it, so every week I create a photo where it looks…she looks like she is in a dangerous situation.

MS) Did you ever have somebody take it seriously and overreact?

KD) There are a few people who comment online that it is irresponsible. But it doesn’t take long for other people to react to that person that it’s all fake, and I think it’s only then those people realize it’s just a joke. While most of the time, it’s actually pretty obvious.

Most people realize it after a couple of seconds, and I think that’s a bit of the magic behind it.

I get a lot of comments saying, “I got scared when I first saw the image, but then I realized who is making the photo, hilarious!”

The negative comments are actually pretty rare.

MS) Has this project led to something else? Maybe another job?

KD) It had led to a couple of sponsors, and I’m still looking for possibilities on that, but I want to stay true to the concept. If there are sponsors interested in us, I want to make sure I can make something funny with it, so even the people who aren’t interested in the product can enjoy the image.

But I hope I can soon do some more as well. I would love to create something for other people as well, or maybe even teach people on how to do it.

But I still have to see where it can lead to. But the main focus will always be on creating new material.

MS) Have you ever tried doing video?

KD) We already made a lot of videos in the past. Even before the Instagram was born. So we will probably make some more videos as well in the future. Both funny content and more daily life videos.

We already have a YouTube account where we post once in a while.  Although the main focus will be on Instagram for now.

MS) Some of them are obviously edited, but some look really close to reality like the skateboarding shot.  Do you find that if it gets too “real,” people get more concerned?

KD) I always try to make the image as realistic as possible, which is not always easy. But I like to make it pretty obvious it’s fake. Some images might make people think, but when they look at the whole concept, they quickly realize it’s all fake and our daughter is always in safe hands.

Photo courtesy of On Adventure With Dad