I’m pretty sure I am crazy; the kid is getting a sing-a-long speaker for Christmas!

Yup; you heard me correct.  I spent today checking out cool products from  Singing Machine and now the kids are getting great quality products yet I may need earplugs.  Exposing your children to music is so important to their development.  It also inspires creativity which I see in both of my children who participate in chorus and orchestra.  Below I am highlighting a few of their awesome products that you need to purchase for your kiddos as well!

Mic Guy Bluetooth Speaker: this is super cute and couples wireless speaker with microphone and light show ability!  Grab some music from your playlist and they can happily sing along.  I was so happy with how easy it was to connect to my home entertainment system and how much they loved the product.  This will run you around $30.

Wise Owl Calculator: Ok this is absolutely adorable.  It’s a regular calculator that speaks your equation out to you.  My kid has been practicing her math review all afternoon.  This calculator is really well made and super colorful along with featuring an adorable owl.  Notable is the ability to use this product in English, French and Spanish.  This will run you around $25.

Mood Singalong Speaker: This adorably colorful speaker will have your child singing along to their favorite tunes in no time at all.  This singing machine very easily connects to your wi-fi and has great LED lighting that can act as a nightlight.  There is a free wonderful singing machine kids music app to help your little one begin their own singing career!  Once again, notable is the quality/durability of these products.  The microphone can withstand my two and “who’s turn it is now”.  It comes in three colors (blue, purple and pink) enough choices to make every child’s day.  This singing machine costs just about $50.00.

You will LOVE LOVE LOVE these great products!


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