How I will “lure” some extra love from the hubby this holiday!

See what I did there…..this post is about an awesome gift box subscription for the fishing enthusiast in your life and I love me a good play on words.

Ok so here is product I simply must talk about for your holiday shopping needs.  Mystery Tackle Boxthis is a monthly subscription box where you score super cool fishing accessories each  month according to your desire.   Ready for this…select the species of your choice (“bass”, “inshore saltwater” and “walleye”), switch between species or go “local” and have the company select for you based upon where you live.  This auto-renews each month but totally feel free to cancel/suspend etc.  The box arrives with a helpful “whats inside” card that tells you the item/brand/pricing.  The box I received contained such awesome lures and bait and the hubby is already asking when the next box is to arrive.  Oh; and you can set up your subscription and pay by 3-6-9-12 month blocks and save money based on how many months you subscribe to.  What if you know someone on your list would love this but don’t know his fishing specifics? Get ready for this: you just pay for the plan, print a certificate and present as a gift.  The recipient will redeem and get to customize it for themselves!  You become the gift hero and literally can shop from the comfort of your home.

Check this great company out!  For additional info and to exciting tutorials on your new products visit and subscribe to their YouTube page.

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