In Kidz Bond Bands from India – Teaching children about different cultures

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a world that embraces diversity?

Kids are innocent, absorbent sponges ready to learn.  If we teach kids to embrace diversity and accept everyone it would be a much better world.

In Kidz is a company that creates kid-focused products that introduces kids to different worldwide cultures.   I love that they offer a culture box and products from different countries.  It’s a great opportunity for children to learn about the world.

With the internet kids learn more than we ever learned about everything with no filters.

Our job as parents and teachers is to create an understanding and acceptance.  This product provides a  great resource to be able to do that and teach children the correct way.

One of the products that I tried was the in Kidz bands.   The In Kidz bands are a great way to teach children about the different cultures.  Differences make us unique but does not separate us.

The bands  are great to use by educators and parents alike.    The band bracelet is a fun product that was created to educate , inspire curiosity and create enjoyment.

Both youth and adults can comfortably wear this hypo-allergenic band.  The  key feature of this band is the three gold-filled beads, rose gold beads or sterling silver beads. The number 3 is auspicious and promotes guidance. The band can be a symbol of love and pride.

The hand-made Gold-Filled, Rose Gold and Sliver Bond Bands are produced in India. They feature three beads representing guidance, protection, and love. The black thread is auspicious and bonds the beads together.

Compassion and understanding is a great quality to have as a human being and learning starts young.