Best Views of the Grand Canyon

Everybody is trying to get the perfect Grand Canyon shot from the perfect Grand Canyon view. Fortunately, there is not just one place to get that shot. There are simply that many angles. There are some photographers who have gone back dozens of times, and they’re still finding something new. The Grand Canyon changes by season and there is just so much to it that you can get a different angle and a different shot every time.

We’ve chosen ten of our favorites but this is by no means an exhaustive list. There are simply so many angles that we might find ourselves doing another list of top views in winter or top views in summer. The Grand Canyon is one of those places that you can constantly visit and constantly see something new.

North Bass Trail

1) Steve from Fitpacking Fat Loss Backpacking Adventures has these tours which of course help you lose weight. I mean, walking in the Grand Canyon can certainly do that.

Here’s a spot that few people ever visit. It’s on the North Bass Trail.

The Magnanimity of It

2) Ophir Gottlieb took these shots and I love his description: “Pictures can’t capture the magnanimity of it.”

Solo Traveler in the Vastness

3) Lind Fritz, a photographer from San Diego, caught this stunning view of a solo traveler standing in the vastness of the canyon. Sometimes it takes photos like this just to understand how completely massive the Grand Canyon is.

The Orangeness in Layers

4) Alex Hinson is a photographer on Twitter who took this wonderful shot reflecting all of the oranges in layers. It really makes you appreciate the variety of colors within each sunset.

Sunset in the Canyon

5) Multiple sunsets are put into one by BeckSnaps. I love the editing she did here which reflects the variety of her work.


On Shrooms

6) And head not to Aimos who took this shot while on Shrooms. We are not recommending him to continue shrooms or not. Then again this shot is so awesome I might encourage it.

During a Cloud Inversion

7) The Grand Canyon National Park Sevice account perfectly showcases the clouds flowing up to the edge of the canyon. This feels like one of those views that are once in a lifetime to say.

Sunrise over the Canyon

8) Abdul is an artist as well as a space cowboy. It’s been a few years since he took this shot but it’s so perfectly well done it almost looks unbelievable.


After a Painful Breakup

9) GenTXer took this shot while getting over a breakup. If there was ever a better way to get over a breakup than seeing the Grand Canyon I’d love to know.

Sunset at Lipan Point

10) I feel like this is the Grand Canyon view that everybody wants to get. Sitting solo, looking over the canyon. This view is taken by MaxTour by one of their own tour guides. This particular location is sunset at Lipan Point.

Photo credit: Matthew Meier