InchBug Makes Labels for Your Kid’s Thermos

inchbugOf course, I have seen customized labels before, but I have never seen such unique customize labels as these container labels from Inch Bug. Inch Bug makes what they call, “Orbit Labels”  which are basically the labels that go around the bottle that every kid seems to have. Why do kids need to always drink out of these bottles, I don’t know but that’s another issue.  I mean my kid will not even drink out of a regular glass so we certainly don’t need a big and bulky thermos, but I digress.  Anyway, the four pack is only $14 and they are made so thick that I’m sure they are going to certainly stay with the kid for many years.


You’ll also see in the shot they have bag tags which I love because I can attach them to every particular lunch case or the such that the kid might grow in and out of. Instead of buying a sticker that will wash away, this can just be transported to the next product the kid has.


But of course, the most ingenious thing about these is the simple but obvious inclusion of the child’s name. Is it just me, or does every kid go absolutely crazy when they see their name on a product? In the past, I would just use stickers but I love the fact that these things are not going anywhere. They are so sturdy you know that this gift will last with the kid for quite some time.

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