Increase Your Iron Count With MegaFood’s Blood Builder

You will be sure to have more “pep in your step” and all the energy you need to get through your crazy, hectic day with MegaFood’s Blood Builder Liquid Iron.

This supplement is super convenient; all you have to do is take it once daily.  Each serving brings you 27 mg’s of iron (each bottle is about 22 servings)!  You can take it anytime of the day and even without eating prior so no excuses that you “forgot”,  “didn’t have time” or “its too late I’ll just take it tomorrow”.

The taste: some iron products taste just awful; NOT THIS ONE!  This is a yummy fruity tart cherry flavoring.  I do not mind taking it at all.  It is very easy on my sensitive tummy and it does not constipate you (so refreshing for iron supplements).

Who benefits: everyone.  This is great for athletes, blood donors, menstruating women/teens, vegans, vegetarians and really anyone who wants to up their iron levels and intake.

The price: super reasonable.  A 22-23 day supply will cost you $23.07 or you can grab a 47 day supply for $38.22.  You can also subscribe and save for additional savings and quite honestly convenience so you never run out.

Check out this great product and their many others as well!