If You’re a Husband Who Can’t Cook…

I have seen quite a few stories about making Valentine’s Day dinner and also pre-prepared meals like Blue Apron. What I have not seen are any stories that I’m about to tell you about how easy it is with the Alexa integration.


Blue Apron now has a complete integration with Alexa to read every step of the recipes. Maybe they’ve had this before and I am simply a stereotypical male who doesn’t even notice what his wife is saying but this is news to me.


Now, this may come as a shock for anyone who has read my other stories but I have no clue what to do when it comes to cooking. I can conceptualize the microwave and I think I understand how to turn on the stove but after that, it’s a dangerous process.


In addition, you can combine that concern with the fact that I truly lose my mind every time my wife gives me directions in the kitchen. Now Valentine’s Day is supposed to be of course a surprise but as I mentioned I don’t have a clue how to handle the kitchen so I cannot rely on her directions.

What makes this interesting are two elements here. You’ll see in the first photo that everything is laid out beautifully. Yes, there is some degree of cutting but generally speaking, there is very little that I can screw up while cooking. In addition, you’ll see the other sheet which not only has the recipes but also has the directions to yell at Alexa. Yelling Alexa is truly one of my greatest joys. Most of the time I yell about the weather, and occasionally I will yell whatever the stock market and or sports scores are occurring at the time. But this did make it quite a bit easier as all I had to do was yell to Alexa what the next step was in their watch. I could even use it to ask Alexa how to convert ounces to meters and inches to quarts or whatever was a useful measurement for cooking.


See it’s a combination of the two that make it ridiculously easier. Not only do they have the ingredients so nicely Cottonfield but in addition, they have the directions printed out, and in addition, you had this integration with Alexa. It really has brought it to a level that makes it extremely easy even for Cooking geniuses like me.


No would I recommend using Blue Apron to cook? I feel better cooking when your spouse is at least once a decade functional necessity and if you are in that predicament meaning of the following makes sense to consider an option that reduces the room for as much as possible.