Instavit Vitamins

instavirIf you are like me, you are constantly on the go with no time whatsoever to remember to eat a meal let alone take your vitamin supplements.  Enter: Instavit, an amazing nutritional sprayable supplement to help with give your body the defense it needs!  The owner, a Crohn’s sufferer decided he was sick of taking pills and that coupled with the fact that swallowing pills does not always mean absorbing nutrients quickly brought Instavit to the table.  I am personally thrilled to be trying a few of these out this winter as I always worry about the January-March germ-fest that is building out there.  First up, I am trying out “Immune Strength”.  4 simple sprays per day and I have immediate Vitamin A, E, B6, Zinc and Selenium.  Literally those supplements and water and flavorings will help my immune system gather the winter defense it needs.  Next up I am giving “Vitamin B12” a try to help out with my nervous system, brain and blood flow.  I simply cannot believe how easy it is to fill my body with everything it needs.  They taste great and within seconds I am moving on with my day.  The hubby is liking the “Vitamin D” spray for bone, colon, prostate and pancreas help.  There are more options as well like “Sweet Dreams”, “Daily Health” and “Instant Energy” which means that no matter what is important to you or no matter what ails you, Instavit is the perfect solution for you.  Please check out

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