Amazon Fire Tablet: Kids Edition

Along with my experience learning all about Kindle Direct Publishing I have been treated to the personal experience of reading all these new kid’s books with my kids on the crystal clear 7″ display 8 GB tablet.  There are so many available free apps along with the possibility to select movies, TV shows, songs, books and Android apps and games.  Super impressive is the available free unlimited cloud storage.  The kid’s edition tablet features a free year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited which is features over 10,000 kid friendly books, movies, tv shows and educational apps and games.  You control how long your child is on the tablet, what their educational goals are as well as all the content they can view.  We started choosing some great reading options right away and it was super easy to select and download.  This is perfect for children ages 3-10; it is priced at $2.99 a month (the kids edition comes with the free year like I mentioned above).  I was so thrilled to have this feature and right away I set up profiles for my children catering to their individual needs and likes.  It was completely user-friendly and they are loving it!  They can even channel their inner photographer and I have no worries about the photo-social media combination.  It is taken out of the equation by using “FreeTime”.  Also I adore the microSD card slot which allows you to add storage space.  You can feel free to let the kids add their favorite apps and videos without clogging up the tablet!

Any parent like me would worry: “what if something happens to the tablet? Spillage, breakage etc”?  No worries at all: Amazon provides a 2-year worry free guarantee.  They will replace it for free no matter what happens.  This is music to my ears .  We are completely loving enjoying the tablet as a shared family treat.  Kids are loving the Nickelodeon and Star Wars apps, I am loving the free web browsing and the fact you can run outlook for work purposes.  Everyone utilizes the “FreeTime” function and knows their designated amount of time for the day.  I must say it is harmony here and I couldn’t be happier.  Oh; and the kid proof case is the icing on the cake (hardly weighs anything).

Please visit Amazon: and grab one or two for your family!

Kindle Fire Kids

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