Is there really a University of American Samoa law school?

image of University of American Samoa Law School t-shirt, school where TV character Saul Goodman got his degree

Is there really a University of American Samoa law school?

In the popular show, Breaking Bad, the main character, Saul Goodman, has a degree from the University of American Samoa. This is of course a plot device showing that he basically bought his degree.  Also, part of the plot is the fact that he actually does know how to be a lawyer, albeit has quite unconventional means of doing so.

When you google the University of American Samoa one of the top hits is American Samoa Community College. This actually does exist and is available to legal residents of American Samoa. It does have degrees in the arts, science, and elementary education but nothing to do with law. You cannot get a legal degree from the Community College.

In addition, the American Samoa Community College is also only for legal residents of American Samoa, making it highly unlikely that Saul Goodman stayed there just to graduate. I mean theoretically, he could’ve lived there but then again it’s a community college, and has no law degree.

You can study Samoan Mythology at American Samoa Community College, which really just sounds like it would be quite a bit of fun.

Are there universities that you can get law degrees from remotely?

The American Bar Association requires a certain number of hours that one needs to sit for the bar. Every state is a little different but theoretically, in California, you can get a degree completely online and sit for the California bar. There are also three schools that have a hybrid model that would allow you to do a portion online and a portion in person.

Can you at least buy a t-shirt reflecting the University of American Samoa law school?

Well here,  Amazon has you covered and they’re selling it for $16 in heather gray. It has only 16 reviews at 3.9 stars so I can’t attest to the quality of it, but at least it’s a possibility. They even have a sweatshirt for $29.99. This rates better with 4.7 stars from 189 reviews.

So, no the University of American Samoa doesn’t really exist but Breaking Bad is a television show, so can you really expect it to be real? Better call Saul.