Best Green Cleaning Products

It’s time for spring cleaning and we’ve decided to make a list of the top green cleaning products for 2022.  Our goal is not just to do a spring cleaning but to use products that introduce fewer chemicals rather than more chemicals. I prefer companies that have organic and natural elements to those that add harsh chemicals. Especially since my family of five is filled with various degrees of allergies, keeping cleaning products natural makes a world of difference.

image of safely cleaning products for top green cleaning products list

Kris Jenner (yes the mom from Kardashian fame), as well as Emma Grede, launched Safely, a home care line free of artificial stabilizers and dyes.  I like that this has hit the mainstream. All of their products are available in Walmart so you really can’t screw up trying to find them.  The accessibility here is everything. We can all dream of having people use better products but they have to be able to buy them. You can of course order them online, but I love the idea that anybody from any demographic can afford to buy these products and take a step towards greener living.

grove co

Grove Co not only makes products that are green, but they also have monthly shipments, making it even easier.  You explore your favorites, order, and then it comes on a regular schedule.  But what I love here is the diversity of the types of products.   Tub Cleaner as well as hand soap, multiple types of dish soap. They have quite the selection and it even goes well beyond what you see above.  What makes this really good is that there’s not even any scrutinizing. You just choose what you need and you can trust it’s all green and better for the earth. Grove is also plastic free which makes a huge difference!

image of a bottle and package of cleanyst laundry detergent for top green cleaning products list

Cleanyst definitely has a unique take on cleaner home products.   I left the machine open in the photo so you can get an idea about it. Basically, you pop in the packets, add water (like with your coffee machine), and you can make natural cleaning products at home. The advantage here is twofold. First, it only requires shipping to you the packets every month (once you have the machine). Secondly, it allows for customization of oils and scents as you wish.  Not only are the mixes all plant-based and have the best environmental impact, but their technology also allows for the mixing of the products the perfect way every time.


image of boxes of kind laundry, laundry detergent sheets for top green cleaning products list

First of all, I love the name, Kind Laundry. But there’s something interesting to me here when we discuss laundry detergent sheets.  Sure, the premise is not only are they lighter with less packaging, but they’re also made with plant-based products. To me, the bigger angle is they are light and easy to use. I seriously can’t lug the big jar of laundry detergent up the stairs anymore. I put these on the stairs just to get across that imagery of: what would you rather carry up the stairs?  Plus, not only is it easier to use, it is pretty darn good for the environment.

lemi shine

Lemi Shine is based around citric acid and has no toxic ingredients.  First of all, it smells like lovely oranges, which is nice. But what I love is their mix. Like I popped in that dishwasher cleaner and it really made a big difference. But if you think that this isn’t strong enough to clean up viruses and the such, it actually does work against Covid 19.  These disinfecting wipes are powerful enough to kill viruses but still made with natural ingredients.


Dinobi Detergent has literally only four ingredients.  How does it work? I have no idea, but with four ingredients you don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals. It’s not much more than regular detergent, especially with the quantity that you use. Plus, if you’re washing for sensitive skins, having something without harsh chemicals is quite a smart option.

aspen clean

Aspen Clean has Laundry Detergent Pods and Dishwasher Pods that have zero plastic.  First of all, the fact that we have to search for products without plastic is concerning.  But this product works just as well as other pods, and really is easy and doesn’t have that harmful environmental impact.  I love how small the packaging is, but I also love how the Lavender & Lemongrass smells.  This is such a simple, quick, and great choice to replace your current pods with something greener.


Enviroklenz has two loads in one box so it’s not only environmentally friendly, it’s nice, tight, and compact.   When will other companies learn that we really don’t want to buy boxes just filled with water? We have the water here so I really don’t need to break my back carrying a load of laundry. This  Liquid Laundry Enhancer, when used with regular unscented detergent can help beat out the odors of even your teens’ worst smells!


absolute green
absolute green


Absolute Green is going for green right in the title!  So yes, the products were great, and I personally loved the orange smell. Maybe it’s me, but I’m just sick of Lemon all the time. This all said, what I REALLY loved about them was that they’re woman owed! This isn’t some celebrities hoping for a social change but just a woman owned business trying to make a difference.   They also have some great bundles if you just want to try out a few of their products and see what you think.


truly free
truly free


Truly Free works under the premise of building a box of your favorites. You’ll see in the photo, they have basically everything you need. Glass Cleaners, Bathroom Cleaners and more… But what makes this interesting is that you can set up a subscription and they’ll mail you just the refills that you need. Then you pour the material in, fill it with water and you’re up and running. I like the idea of a subscription because it saves my back on just the Costco runs that I used to do. Now I only have to sit back, check some boxes and wait for the mail to come in.