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Who doesn’t walk down the cosmetics aisle and wish they could make up their own, customized palette of makeup.  “ittse” is making this happen with their magnetic palette that you pop in your own choice of eye shadows, cheek colors, brow powder and more.  It took me two seconds to build myself a compact that had all of my favorite and most used signature colors.  There are over 100 options so no worries finding colors that make you happy!  Each palette can hold up to 12 eye shadows, 9 shadows/brow powders plus 2 complexions, or 6 complexions.  You are totally in charge!  You purchase the palette empty (color options are gold, black grey and white) and retail for $21.99.  Brow options retail for $6.99 (I adore the smoky look I achieve from “charcoal”.  Cheek colors run $8.99 and there are great pink, neutral and deeper color options to make everyone happy!  Matte finish is $8.99 and will help you set and hold your look so its perfect all day!  Eye shadows retail for $7.99 (I added “obsidian” to my smokey look”) and I have to say I achieved full, rich color that I was being complemented on all day.  Need some color assistance? Purchase $30 quads from ittse and save 5% while they do the work grouping colors together for you.  I find the compact small and great for your handbag and the cosmetics great quality; makeup lasts all day long and so many color options to choose from for all skin hues.  For more information on this innovative company that I adore please visit  Such a great gift idea!


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