Jasmine Seven – Natural Ingredients for Cleaning Living

Jasmine Seven is a company who’s products I was introduced to just a few days ago and the goal is basically to provide items with natural ingredients (no parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrances).  These are great items that will help make your life easier as you go through all of the moments.  The Calming Body Wipes ($12 for a canister) are absolutely the best.  Where have these been my entire adult life.  They contain lavender and tea tree oil and are perfect for home or on the go.  I honestly love them at night to begin my “ok time to relax” routine.  Do you or a family member need to refresh your feet??  Fresh Feet Wipes ($15 for a canister) are antibacterial grapefruit wipes that are a must in your front room or entryways.  Just yesterday my daughter took her cleats off in the driveway and loved using the wipes prior to walking into the house.  Do you adore yoga like I do??  How about their Yoga Mat and Body Wipes ($14 for a canister)  These have a soothing lavender and tea tree oil scent which means they are actually contain natural cleaning components.  I think these are great for the car or your gym locker.  One more kind of cool thing they offer are these shoe horns for kids ($20 for a 4 pack).  Actually, they can be used for all ages (tweens, teens, adults) and are made from lightweight plastic.  They have a great loop up top perfect for hanging in your hallway closet on a hook and make the “put your shoes on” process so much faster!

Great items at great prices!  Also items can be scooped up on Amazon!