Top Gadgets for Dad – 2021

If there’s one thing that Dads all love it’s gadgets.  The geeky, the more useful, heck the more useless… as long as it’s gadgety and different, dads love them. Below you’ll find the latest gadgets we’ve found that are sure to make the Dad (or hubby) in your life happy.



ilive earbuds

Ilive Truly Wire-free Earbuds

This is a great option for when you want to go jogging and you’re sick of losing your buds.  These are rugged buds with a great sound quality and a rugged design that’s sure not to fall off. I really liked the case as it fit the rugged theme. The case itself isn’t going anywhere as it’s pretty sturdy.

aeris copper













Alloi (originally Aeris One) makes phone cases, airpod cases and masks and more, all covered in copper. If you’re not familiar with copper it has antimicrobial properties.  They look great, they feel great but in the age of Covid, they have that extra bonus of being anti-microbial so a little bit safer.












agoz gadgetspureair Agoz
Bicycle Phone Holder and Charger

It’s such a simple idea, but a bike holder is so necessary. Last time I went biking, I rode 5 miles and my phone didn’t.  Not a great ride.  These are great stocking stuffer types of gifts for dad. The charger you see is a great idea as you have the Qi charger on the right and the spin dial to get your gadgets on your left.










pureAir 50 Active Air Purifier


There’s something I love about this simple air cleaner. There’s no filters to change, no mess. It uses ionization so it clears the odors and you can notice a difference immediately. I bought this for his office’s bathroom, and didn’t tell him. It’s so small he didn’t see it but did notice it was much cleaner.













Weatherman Umbrella


This is probably one of the best designed umbrellas I’ve seen. I mean, how often do you hear about technology and umbrellas.  Chief Meteorologist Rick Reichmuth designed this himself as well, a weatherman should know. And coincidentally, it’s named the Weatherman Umbrella!

Such a simple thing, but this umbrella is serious and built strong. You can just tell that it’s serious.







BodyGuardz 5-1

This is one of those gadgets that you don’t know you need until you need it. It’s a battery that plugs in a wall. Sure. But it’s also a flashlight, a radio and an emergency announcement system.

I kept it going for a week and didn’t get any emergency announcements, but then again, that’s a good thing.  We don’t want any surprise tornadoes coming up!

But that’s what makes this interesting. I just keep it by my door and when my teen son forgets his battery, it’s ready.












Grip6 makes just cool stuff that your man will want.  Look at that adjustable belt. Who needs to constantly drill holes into their belt? My hubbie has holes all over his belt and it looks ridiculous!

In addition, that wallet is probably one of the coolest wallets that I’ve seen. It can loop on your belt with the hoop and just squeezing it slightly, it pops out your credit cards.

Sure, they made socks, but these products are so well designed, I want to see what’s next!