jbrds: Anatomically Designed Footwear for Children

The first shoes of your little ones are extremely important! They need good support but also enough freedom of movement to learn a natural way of walking. jbrds is a brand new children’s footwear brand. In order to meet the needs of your children at four distinct stages of their physical development, jbrds offers anatomically designed shoes.

  • Stand2Walk (ages 9-18 months)
  • Walk2Run (ages 18 months to 3 years)
  • Run2Play (ages 3-5 years)
  • GoPlay (ages 5-8 years)

So far, only the Stand2Walk line has been launched.

image of a pair of jbrds shoes surrounded by toys and an animated sign

jbrds Stand2Walk Shoes

With these stylish physician-designed shoes, jbrds brings something completely new to the shoe market! A first-of-its-kind model that makes it easier for babies to stand, balance, and walk! Leading podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Jay LeBow, former sports industry veteran at Mizuno and Adidas Mike Gugat, and top sporting goods merchant David Hirshfeld are the co-founders of jbrds. These experts in their field have developed a design that uniquely supports the lateral column and developing cuboid bone while stabilizing a child’s heel. This combination of support and stability promotes the healthy development of a child’s foot.

The Stand2Walk shoes feature a sock-like upper part and injection-molded support cage. This promotes the healthy development of feet by supporting the weight-bearing structure of their developing foot while stabilizing their still-forming heel, making it easier to stand, balance, and walk. The bottom of the shoes is suede, giving just enough grip for the baby’s sweeping gait to not get tripped up. The back of the sole has a special 0-drop form. This helps with the development of healthy tendons to limit future foot and ankle problems.

The shoes close with a high-quality velcro strap which is easy for parents to slip on, but hard for a baby to take off. This velcro is the plastic type that will survive a long time, in comparison to the velvet types.

And these shoes look great too! With bright colors or more uni-colored, these shoes will fit any outfit and appeal to your children. Young children are attracted to bright colors and will love to run around with these shoes at their feet.

And with the soft insides and sock-like upper part, wearing socks is only optional. So, no need to fight your kid anymore to put their socks on!

You can purchase jbrds Stand2Walk shoes with free two-day shipping directly from their website. You can get any of the Stand2Walk shoes for $75.

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