Gravastar Sirius Pro and Venus


What you see in this photo Is the Gravastar Venus and the Gravastar Sirius Pro. One is a portable speaker and the other, earbuds for both calls and music.

The Gravastar Sirius Pro earbuds, quality-wise, definitely give AirPods a run for the money. They have surround sound but most importantly, the sound quality is quite top-notch. Specifically, when it comes to music and gaming with surround sound, you can really see the quality stand out. The case itself is ridiculously sturdy and actually stands up to drops, compared to competitors, quite well.

The Gravastar Venus, on the other hand, is the loudest speaker I’ve heard of in that size. Those legs on the speaker are not just for aesthetics, but allow the sound to go around the device and really have it reverberate. You can feel the entire speaker shaking. These speakers are great for any business traveler who just wants to throw them in a laptop bag. Even perfect for a small dorm room. You can certainly fill up the room with sound and it’s easily carried around too.

Overall, you’ll see there’s a unique style to Gravastar products. It’s slightly alien, slightly post-apocalyptic, and a little bit military all at once. Just like AirPods and Apple products defined their own style, the Gravastar line has its own style. It’s a gamer feel at heart but there’s also such a cool style to their products that they stand out in the room. Whether it’s how they feel in your hands or how they look, everything about them or something entirely different and unique.

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