Jiminy’s for Your Pet!


We all want the best for our pets right?!? Check out the really impressive products from Jiminy’s – these are healthier, more sustainable products that use cricket protein instead of animal protein.  Why is this important?  Because insect protein is a superfood that unlocks health benefits for our favorite furry friends.

Here is what we received and are super impressed with:

Cricket Crave:  This is an eco-friendly dog food chock-full of cricket protein, oats, quinoa, sweet potato, and additional plant-based ingredients.  It is oven-baked in small batches and less processed than other products.

Nooch Puffs: This is a nice, light, and airy crunch snack that literally melts in their mouths.  It has a cheesy taste without the dairy.   Sort of like a cheese doodle for your pup that is more sustainable and really good for them!

Pumpkin & Carrot Training Treats: These are soft/chewy and perfect for rewarding your pup as you train him.  They are protein treats with awesome ingredients like pumpkin, carrot, and cricket.

Jiminy’s Eco-Friendly Dog Leash:  This super cute leash is only made with recyclable material.  Strong nylon material but super soft to the touch.  It runs 6 feet long and you will love using it on your next walk.

Don’t you love a company with such regard for the environment that also provides such a healthy eating alternative for your pet? Check them out!