Stokke Clikk High Chair – the high chair on the go

We have been looking, for a while now, for a high chair that we can take to our friend’s house.

Stokke Clikk high chair

Today we unpacked the Stokke Clikk  High Chair. This lightweight chair is set up in less than 30 seconds. You can easily move it around due to the lightweight materials. Stokke even offers a travel bag at $34 so you can easily carry the chair to the next meal. I no longer need to put my baby on my lap for mealtime in someone else’s house. And the chair is still a fully equipped high chair.

Stokke Clikk high chair bag

I absolutely love how easy the chair can be taken apart and put back together! You do not need any tools to do it, but it is still a very sturdy chair! I feel comfortable putting a squirming toddler in it. The five-point harness is easily adjustable to fit any kid, from 6 months to 3 years. You can adjust the footrest into two different positions to fit your child’s leg length perfectly.

It is easy to clean with its round and smooth surfaces. There are no crevasses that food can fall into. The food tray and seat are even dishwasher-safe! The chair is equipped with a 5-point harness that you can put in your washing machine. Truly, this chair is the cleanest high chair ever!

The chair contains no harmful substances and is free from phthalates. It is JPMA certified, which makes me feel confident it is a safe product for my baby.

I have always loved the Stokke products, but this chair really is awesome! Stokke offers some accessories like a soft cushion, a placemat, a travel bag, and a snack pack.

If you are still searching for the perfect high chair, look no further. Check out the Stokke Clikk High Chair!