J!NS Sunglasses Make Summer More Convenient

Summer and warm weather is here and we are all getting ready to finish out the last few week’s of school and get to packing our beach bags.  J!NS brings you all kinds of easy to shop trendy eyewear collections including options that block the blue light from all the digital devices we are using so frequently now.  Product starts at $60 and you then try on as many virtual styles as you like.  You can return them easily within 30 days and can actually use your vision plan to get reimbursed!

They have awesome summer sunglass options for all styles and face sizes.  I am enjoying the J!NS Switch which is an exclusive pair designed by Wesley Chan.  This is magnetic clip on sunglasses over prescription glasses.  You can clip the piece on in two seconds and it keeps hold and stays in place even during physical activity.  I have the JINS Switch 194 ($180) and couldn’t be happier.  You easily choose from single vision/progressive/readers/nonprescription and you are on your way to a great pair of glasses/shades!  Talk about an inexpensive, fashionable and easy way to purchase quality eyewear!  They are very comfortable also; the perfect weight and are perfect for all day use.

Other amazing options also available too! Check them out!