Journals and Planners – Resources for Implementing Your New Year’s Resolutions

image of several different types of journals and planners

It’s typical to wait for the New Year to create your New Year’s resolutions and start new beginnings. We want to welcome the New Year on the right foot. I feel motivated to begin new habits to make myself more productive. Since it’s known that many resolutions fail, I want to make sure I’m successful in implementing and achieving my goals. Journals and planners are very useful in this regard.

How do we successfully achieve goals?

The most important thing to do when we make a resolution is to be realistic in our expectations and formulate a plan. Then we need to hold ourselves accountable after we set our goals. We need to write it down and take baby steps to avoid getting overwhelmed and failing.

How do we plan?

We write our plans in our planner. There are many planners to choose from so you need to find the right one that works for you and your needs.

Luminary Planners are the pure vanilla of planners.  They sell custom planners that help fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for gratitude, mindfulness, self-care, or just a custom planner, they are designed to help with daily self-care, goal achievement, and habit formation. You can pick a custom layout and add special pages. The company is a 4-person team who developed their products in collaboration with experienced psychologists. The journals and planners cost $35 with free shipping.

There are also astrological journals and moon phase planners.  If you are interested in astrology and want to tune into the moon as it moves through the different signs of the zodiac you can use your planner or journal to help you feel more aligned.  Nurture your mind, body, and spirit according to the wisdom of the stars.   Find unique opportunities and be ready for challenges through the study of astrology.   I really like these 2 journals/planners:

  1. The Astrological Self-Care Journal by Stephanie Gailing.  With the different signs and phases of the moon, there are opportunities, challenges, affirmations, and self-care rituals.   There are spaces to guide you and self-reflect and get a better understanding of yourself.
  2. 2023  Moon Phase Journal by Clairjoyance Publishing, LLC – Yearly large planner with 7 days per page.  Weekly explanations include season, zodiac, moon phases, retrogrades, & eclipses.   Record your top priorities, intentions, wins, and moods every week.

Do you believe in Magic? 

These journals can help create the magical life of your dreams through intention setting and following your path to happiness.  These journals are a little deeper into exploring yourself and your spiritual journey.

  1. Herbal Magic Journal by Theodosia Corinth – connecting with the power of plants and deepening your relationship with the herbal word.  Aligned with seasonal cycles,  conjure magic while using herbs.   If you need a spell for closure or easing worry you can find it in the book.   Very interesting spells, rituals, and writing prompts for the budding green witch.
  2. Find Your Magic by Fortuna Noir – use this journal as a daily practice or to slow down and reconnect with nature.   Tied to the seasons the journal allows you to discover the magic within through being mindful, peaceful, and more.   Thoughtful insight meant to help with your personal growth.

How do you manifest your dreams?

Did you ever hear someone say think it, believe it, and it will happen?   Or, put it out in the universe and it will happen.

These two journals focus on positive affirmations and manifesting your dreams and goals:

  1. Manifest Your Dreams Journal by Stephanie Keith – with manifesting tips you have the power to create your own reality and change your life. Over 100 journaling prompts to encourage healthy habits and living the life you desire.
  2. Finding Joy in the Journey Journal by Erica Rose – Weekly journaling with space to write affirmations, mood, gratitude, and manifesting goals.   Tracks the phases of the moon and how it affects your mood.  There are also initial and final assessments to see how far you’ve come.

These are my favorite journals. I’m a dreamer, planner, and positive believer of good things come to those that have faith.

…and more

A 60-Day Journal Challenge – Ask Yourself This by Shari Leid really dives deep into forming habits as you journal every day for 60 consecutive days.  The thought-provoking questions were asked to Shari’s girlfriends and their answers were presented and then you are asked the questions.  Definitely a book of self-discovery, gratitude for life experiences, and thought-provoking answers.  The questions definitely brought up a lot of mixed feelings and self-reflection.

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Finally, An educational skin care journal, CMPLXN by Alter Planning Co.  – Some people suffer from skin conditions and this journal addresses your daily routines to help improve your complexion. You are taking notes of products you’re using, every day you’re tracking dairy, sugar, and stress level and at the end of the week, you record your weekly skin analysis.  Great information on common skin types,  skin concerns, skin components, and skin assessments to achieve your skin care goals.

Get ready to be more organized for the New Year. These are very thought-provoking and fun journals and planners. Buy one or two for yourself and for others.