Who Is Alexa Curtis?

alexa curtis

Alexa Curtis is a young entrepreneur and social media influencer from Mansfield, Connecticut. She started her journey in the online world in 2011 at the age of 12, when she began blogging about fashion on her website, “A Life in the Fashion Lane.” As she grew up and evolved as a person, her blog naturally transitioned into a lifestyle platform called “Life Unfiltered with Alexa Curtis,” which focused on sensitive topics that teens and young adults face every day, such as mental health and social media.

Through hard work and dedication, Alexa was able to turn her little fashion blog into a full-time career, and even managed to secure sponsored partnerships with major brands such as British Airways, T-Mobile, and Lands’ End. In addition to running her website and blog, Alexa has also founded the Be Fearless Summit, which is a pop-up event that has appeared at various universities across the country, including Drexel University and UC Berkeley. Sponsors for the summit have included Headspace, Shake Shack, and Morphe.

In addition to her work with the Be Fearless Summit, Alexa has also been a speaker at various colleges and high schools, discussing topics such as mental health and how to be fearless in pursuing your dreams. She has also hosted her own radio show on Radio Disney called “Fearless Every Day,” which featured interviews with guests who shared their stories of overcoming obstacles and chasing after their dreams. Most recently, Alexa was the host of FEARLESS on LOCALISH, and has now merged Be Fearless with her company GrassHoppHer, which she co-founded with Heather Miller.

MS: What got you started in social media?

AC: I started as a blogger back in 2011 posting about fashion. I was 12 years old and social media wasn’t even a popular “thing” back then so I was posting about random moments in my life. When I began to make money off of my blog, I started to post more strategically on social media to be another point to grow a fan base on top of my brand.

MS: What do you think makes something “viral”?

AC: Relatability or something completely out of the box.

MS: What made your lifestyle blog Life Unfiltered with Alexa Curtis successful?

AC: I’ve grown up with this website and I’m self-made, so I think there’s a lot of interest from my existing fan base who watched me grow up on “how” I have been able to do this. I’ve chronicled so many parts of my life through the website and my social media that I’ve given people a really honest look at entrepreneurship and I think it’s very intriguing regardless of whether you’re pursuing entrepreneurship or working for someone else.

Looking ahead to the future, Alexa is excited about the success of her company GrassHoppHer and is eager to see how it will progress in the coming years. Despite the challenges of being a young entrepreneur, Alexa says that she wouldn’t choose any other path and is committed to continuing to grow and succeed in her business endeavors.

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