Judy – A Garland Fragrance

image of Judy - A Garland Fragrance

You hear Judy Garland and think Dorothy…or at least I do.

Vincenzo Spinnato brings us Judy – A Garland Fragrance just in time for Valentine’s Day.  It does an amazing job of honoring Hollywood Legend Judy Garland and her children.

The fragrance is completely unisex/gender-neutral and inspired by what Judy wore herself.  You get spice, orchid, coriander, and gourmand. It is actually just a wonderful and luxurious mix, I have to be honest.

We were sent their Travel Size ($45) to check out.  It is a perfect, pocket-sized mister that fits in your handbag or makeup bag.  Great for on-the-go and the gym.  I personally love having it in my tote as I go through the day for a touch up as I run from work to the next family activity.  Also available is their Limited Edition 100th Birthday Bottle ($89) which is the traditional Judy Garland Rose with the hints of orchid, coriander, and spice I mentioned earlier.  Proceeds from the purchase go to the Entertainment Community Fund.

I told the husband to go ahead and grab me a bottle for my vanity – the travel size has really made me a huge fan!  You must check out for the upcoming Valentine’s Day!