Juniper at The Vanderbilt Review

Juniper at The Vanderbilt, located within the grandiose Vanderbilt Hotel and Residence in Westbury, Long Island, offers a unique dining experience to discerning food enthusiasts. Despite its off-the-beaten-path location, the restaurant’s upscale atmosphere and rotating menu make it well worth the effort to seek out.

image of juniper at the vanderbilt outside entrance to the vanderbilt hotel

The menu at Juniper at The Vanderbilt features farm-to-table aspects, with a variety of modern takes on classic dishes. Standouts include the Tartar served with Radish and Cucumber, a unique twist on the classic, and the Crab Cake with its unique citrus sauce. Even something as simple as a salad is elevated by the use of fresh ingredients. The Langostino dish is done incredibly well, with everything but the claws peeled, making it less intimidating to eat. The Fall Squash and Brussels Sprouts also had a unique look to them.

juniper 2

The drinks at Juniper at The Vanderbilt are equally noteworthy, with a lot of creativity and care put into their design. The General Manager, a Level 3 Sommelier and member of the Kentucky Whisky Club, has created a drinks menu that is sure to impress. Be sure not to miss the special dinners, such as the Bedell Vineyards dinner.

The service at Juniper at The Vanderbilt is top-notch, with staff that are always on their A-game. This is not surprising given that a high percentage of the restaurant’s patrons are hotel guests. The staff rotates the menu to keep locals coming back. The restaurant also has a brunch menu worth trying, with dishes such as Shrimp and Grits and Chicken and Waffles.

juniper 1

The restaurant’s atmosphere is upscale and comfortable, with a focus on quality and experience. Desserts are a highlight. The restaurant uses its own ice cream machine to make the homemade ice cream, a unique touch. The entire restaurant looks new and clean. The restaurant also hosts monthly dinners featuring unique course pairings with their favorite producers, like the Bedell wine tasting and whiskey dinners in March.

Overall, Juniper at The Vanderbilt is a restaurant you cannot overlook. Its rotating menu, farm-to-table aspects, and creative takes on classic dishes make it a standout in Long Island, known for its excellent dining options. The drinks, service, and atmosphere are all top-notch, and the restaurant’s monthly dinners featuring unique course pairings with their favorite producers are an added bonus. Whether you’re a local or a hotel guest, Juniper at The Vanderbilt is well worth the effort to seek out.