Just The Wine….where have you been?

I have a stressful full-time job and two rowdy kids and don’t get me started on the husband.  I need my wine at the end of the day and I just don’t care who knows it.  I don’t love the sulfite situation though; sometimes depending on the type of wine I end up with a cloudy headache from just the one glass!  Not to mention sometimes I get itchy or really flushed.  Everyone is telling me it is the darn sulfites.

Last night, I gave Just The Wine a try and  I have to say it works!  You pretty much just put a few drops in your glass of wine and can reduce the sulfites by 80%!  This would work with whites reds and even champagne if you dabble!  The process is super easy and you will never go without these again!

The bottle is tiny and looks like eye-drops.  I totally understand that the sulfites have to be in the bottle for storage purposes but why do we have to suffer the sensitive consequences? This product literally nullifies them and you don’t taste any difference.  You can place a few drops in your glass and swirl around or even add around 13 drops to the bottle and turn upside down to mix throughout.  I am basically telling you that you can now drink wine without any troubles!  Now run and grab a bottle!

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