Great Baby Gifts That Fell Into My Lap

I am super out of the baby loop since my kids are now the fresh mouthed pre-teens I always dreamed of having.  The favorite niece is having a baby and I am now a super hero with such cute things to give her.

First off; I loved my kids but always hating the “during the night feeding”.  Check out the Hands-Free Bottle Holder from Infant Innovators!  These are soft and cute plush animals (I was sent Emerson The Elephant) that are bottle warmers/holders/toy/lullaby singing!  How is it even possible that one thing do that much but it totally does.  Literally this thing attaches to the baby safely and off they go enjoying their baby beverage with a lullaby or two in the process.  There is also a cute dog, giraffe, tiger and bunny.   Seriously this is a cute gadget and worth the $30 they cost!

Next up I am gifting her super comfy kiddie PJ’s from the Big Feet Pajama Company.  These are sooooooo soft and cozy and great for the colder winter nights.  These zip safely in the front and have non slip skid action on the feet.  The camoflauge print I was sent is sure to be a hit!  Also you can do the cutesy family all matches thing and they even sent us one for the dog!  Cutest holiday greeting card ever already in the making!   They are super reasonably priced so I am sure you will love them too!  I actually want to mention one more time how soft they are.

For the wishing well/bassinet thing you toss the little extras in, I am giving her Water Wipes.  My kids have always been so sensitive to pretty much everything out there.  I always use dye free this and fragrance free that so these wipes would have been a dream come true.  They are basically made of just water and grapefruit seed extract so no chemicals whatsoever!  Oh and they are endorsed by the National Eczema Association of America.  I found them really soft and they really did the job!

I almost wanna have another bundle of joy because of all the cool stuff out there….almost.

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