Kamala Harris Dolls are Selling Out on Amazon.com

Kamala DollWith the announcement that Joe Biden is the new President Elect, Kamala Harris dolls have been selling out on Amazon.com. As of this writing, not only are the Kamala dolls selling out, but even the Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG) dolls too.

I had no idea that the Kamala dolls would become such a thing but it seems that moms are buying them up for their girls looking for inspiration now that the glass ceiling has a bit of a big crack in it.

Moms have been posting photos of their little girls, ecstatically holding the Kamala Doll. Ebay is even having a run on the dolls lately.

You can pick them up over here at Amazon.


If they’re sold out, worst case, pick yourself up an RBG doll for the time being.  Maybe the power of the Notorious RBG will get you through the night.




In light of these selling out, other Kamala pieces have also been selling like crazy.

  The famous “I’m speaking mug” is going crazy.







Personally, I ordered the mask because I love the saying! It’s so simple and gets the message across.






So yeah, people are getting quite a bit excited about Kamala being the new Vice President elect.   Did you buy any Kamala memorabilia yet?  Are you planning on buying something like this for your kid?