Kameron Westcott of The Real Housewives of Dallas

Kameron Westcott

I absolutely love The Real Housewives of Dallas and I envy Kameron Westcott. She is beautiful. She is a mom that really knows what she’s doing and has it together.  Life isn’t easy but she shows how you can live life and live your best life.

In this interview, we go over her background and her parenting style. Thank you Kameron!




MS) Where did you start with the color pink?   Where do you think your love of the color started?

KW) My love for pink really started before I could even speak! I had white and pink wallpaper in my room growing up and I remember thinking it was the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. My grandmother was also a pink lover so I also grew to appreciate the color from her as well. She would be wearing pink lipstick at 8am any day of the week and I couldn’t wait to grow up one day to be able to do that. I would stare at her pink makeup in the bathroom for hours.

MS) Your husband works remote at times. How do you keep the marriage healthy especially when travel is so hard during Covid?

KW) My husband doesn’t work remote actually. He still goes to his office daily. He needs to get out of our house to stay sane. He does travel at times but it’s less right now due to covid. When he does travel though it’s not for long. We always have date night every week to take a break from normal life. We update each other on our days after we get home each day which is a good way to keep each other on track with what’s going on in our lives. I think communication is the most important thing in a relationship. If you constantly communicate and explain everything they’re usually won’t ever be drama. I think this is key in a marriage and this is what keeps us so connected and on the same page with everything. We also love going on walks together when we have the time.

MS) I feel like you’re an amazing mom.  How do you recommend keeping your kids healthy and  mentally sane through this crisis?

KW) I give my children screen time rules and they can earn more screen time when they’ve followed directions well. We take walks around the block to cool off sometimes or get air. Switching up the scenery helps us a lot. It resets their minds. I also try really hard to always be present when they’re around me. It’s hard since I’m always working on my phone and they don’t understand this but always trying!! Being a parent is hard work and it’s all about learning as we go!!

MS) Looking at your IG feed, you look incredible, do you ever just dress normal?  Like ever just look terrible?

KW) Hahah yes!! I’m usually in my track suits or workout outfits actually right now daily!! I only dress cute if I’m meeting a friend at my home for lunch. Lately I don’t have many places to go though so I dress up just for photos now for Instagram LMAO!! Figured we all love fashion so if I can pretend life is normal sometimes….why not? Let’s pretend I’m going somewhere? Haha!! I’ve always loved playing dress up since I was a kid. One of my favorite things!! Even if I have no place to go right now hahah!!

MS) You seem so put together as a mom, what don’t we see behind the scenes? Do you ever just have a day where you don’t have your act together?Kameron Westcott

KW) I feel like I never have my act together!! I’m always running around like a crazy lady. I’m lucky if my hair is washed sometimes!! I’m overwhelmed a lot but I try to take each day as it comes and I try to not freak out. I’m a YES person so I always get myself fully booked everyday somehow and I need to learn to not take so much on.

MS) I know you love dogs. I feel like so many people are adopting a dog throughout the pandemic.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

KW) I think it’s wonderful thing that people are adopting more animals right now. They’re so many that need homes and deserve that amazing life. I just hope people have a game plan for them when they do go back to work. I believe adopting an animal is a commitment for life and you have to plan to take care of them forever regardless. It’s not something to play around with. They have feelings and are also little individuals that deserve to have a stable environment also. I just hope people take on this commitment and don’t give up on them once everyone reports back to the office.