Great Products For Your Makeup Needs!

I am using the extra time we have at home to explore some new make up and “take care of me” products.  This week I focus on my lashes and want to share with you some great new products I am trying out.

My Little Mascara Club: we all know mascara has a short shelf life and that we should replace it often.  This new fantastic club ensures that we will always have a fresh application at our fingertips.  No more clumpy and borderline unsanitary situations.  The mascara sent to you lasts about 6 weeks if you use daily.  You reply and let them know you need your refill and can time it perfectly to your situation.  I am adoring my exquisite gift set ($72.00) that comes with my new mascara, ERASE reusable makeup remover wipes, fresh micellar water remover (a fantastic tonic with cucumber that is AMAZING) and a happy surprise (mine was a fortune cookie).  Other great gift sets, replacement supplies are available and I cannot wait to keep using this subscription.

Liza Lash: ok – this is a crazy unique beauty sphere that is aces at removing makeup, dirt and oils.  Your face will be smooth and have this really healthy looking glow.  You can use this for up to 3 months before needing a new one if you use it twice a day.  The scents are just phenomenal; I have the peppermint one and couldn’t be happier.  The cost is $39.00 for a truly new and exciting skin care experience!

Evio Beauty Mascara: Evio cosmetics are affordable and luxury all in one – how is that possible.  I can peruse their website and shop all they have to offer personally but the mascara is one of my favorites.  For $24.00 the brush actually separates and lengthens the lashes all at once.  It is a great product for those with sensitive eyes I promise you.  I really like the curve of the brush and how it really just doesn’t smudge.

delia organics Eye Dare You Serum: ok this is heaven in a little glass bottle.  This is cranberry seed and sweet almond oil and will hydrate and even your skin tone.  This will brighten your eye area – and trust me, us mom’s we really do need it!  All you need to do is roll around your eye contour area and massage into your skin.  I do this at night and enjoy the scent as well as I head off to sleep.  It costs about $25.99 and is a must to add to your eye/makeup plan!

Great products!  So different!  Check them out!