Karviva & Karuna Wellness Drinks

karviva and karuna
Karviva and Karuna

Sports are back in full swing (thank God) and this house is always on the hunt for a new healthy hydration beverage.  When you pick a beverage like this you want to make sure you are watching the sugar and the sodium.

Two great options here to share with you:

Karviva Ace Sport: These are antioxidants-meet-collagen-meets-electrolytes.  What you get is a delicious sports beverage.  This will help you build your body back up and relieve physical stress.  No added sugar; only real fruits here.  Also, they are low-calorie.  I tried the Mango Splash and it was very good.  They also offer an “unwined” option which is basically this amazing juice blend similar to a Malbec without the alcohol.  A great addition to your dinner!

Karuna Juice Blends: These juices are whole plant-based and full of antioxidants.  Great for immunity, detoxing, rejuvenating, and energy.  I love the taste and just knowing what it does for my body.  If you spend some time reading about these drinks you will simply never choose another again.  Superfoods galore.  Vitamins galore.  The health benefits are just endless and, unlike other products, these actually taste good.

You can pick these up very easily right on Amazon.

Check them out!