Keep Going First Aid – The Solution to an Organized First Aid Kit

image of outside of a Keep Guing First Aid Kit - GoKit

Mom and dad’s lives are hectic enough without having to search for things. Especially in the case of an accident or an emergency boo-boo that needs immediate attention. That’s where Keep Going First Aid comes to the rescue.

The Keep Going First Aid GoKit is the most organized first aid kit I have seen.  It contains 130 pieces in the secured kit. The items are easy to find and super organized. The bag itself is super cute and easy to carry. The separated pages in the pouch make it easy to see everything you have and find what you need. Everything is top quality, even the band-aids. I love all the cute patterns available.

The items in the kit are useful for skinned knees, nose bleeds, minor burns, stings, splinters,  tick bites, and so much more. All Contents are 100% Latex-Free and the product is HSA/FSA eligible.

I think every mom and dad should have one in their diaper bag,  in the car, or while traveling by air.  Ordering refills is easy and the company offers free shipping on orders over $49.

Keep Going First Aid is a small family business that wants families to continue to travel and have fun while having the essentials covered. Moms and dads worry enough about their kids and this is one less thing to worry about. Being prepared to handle whatever comes your way is half the battle. This is so handy and everybody needs one. I love my GoKit and would highly recommend it to family and friends.   It would also make a great baby shower gift.