Heirloom, the Video Book

This Christmas, I am gifting my mother the Heirloom video book! It is a family photo album, but then awesome!

image of a sample heirloom video book cover

image of a sample inside view of the heirloom video book

This real physical book looks stunning on a shelf. You can choose between 16 different cover designs so it really fits your family! And you can add a personal message inside the cover. You also have the option to design your very own cover (+$15) using your own photos and text.

When you open the cover, your family videos start playing. This is absolutely perfect as a gift! The 5″ HD screen shows your videos crystal clear! You can upload videos from your computer, your phone, or directly from Facebook or Instagram. Once you have purchased the book of your choice, you will receive a unique link to your personal book builder. There you can select the videos you want to share, drag-and-drop the videos in the order you want them to appear, and preview the video before you finalize your book. The Heirloom video book will accommodate your choice of up to 10 or 20 minutes of HD video. Of course, these come with sound! And you can always load new videos into the Heirloom video book. Just connect it to any computer and transfer your video files just as you would load them onto a USB thumb drive.

Heirloom video books aren’t just for videos, you can also add photos. Your photos will automatically play just like a slideshow. You can mix and match both photos and videos, and order them however you like. And you can get a vertical screen if you want! Most videos taken on mobile phones are vertical (taller than they are wide). Heirloom will accommodate these!

Heirloom is a true family company, with three siblings running it all. They started this company during the pandemic after they surprised their grandmother with a homemade video book.

The 10-minute Heirloom video book comes at $49, and the 20-minute at $69. Of course, you can get a gift box and gift card to make your gift even more special!