Keeping Summer Rolling…. Ryan’s World Style.

This house is refusing to let summer end.  I want to mention that my kids are high energy all day long and love a good outdoor game.  Enter these cool items from Ryan’s World and we have a recipe for crazy fun!  Both of these great family games are from the beloved Ryan and both reviewed and shown right on his popular YouTube channel.  This kid is all the rage and the neighbors all ran outside to join in on the fun.

My kids have been really enjoying these two items we are checking out.  First up (and our personal favorite Ryan’s World Head Splat.  So this is an awesome water balloon fight meets helmet catch.  Here is the deal plain and simple.  Catch the water balloon or get splashed.  If the balloon hits even the sides of the helmet you will be getting wet.  My kids looped my mother into playing and the laughing was going on for quite awhile.  The next day we were running out to get more balloons.  This is perfect for ages 5 and up and will cost you around $12.99.  My kids watched the video below and are now begging me to fill the balloons with other substances like slime or juice…. I may cave because it sounds fun.

Next up Ryan’s Splash Out.  Remember “hot potato” from when we were kids?  Same concept here but much cooler – all you have to do is answer a crowd pleasing trivia question and then pass along the balloon.  Very simple.  The water balloon is in this ball with a timer.  The person stuck holding the ball at the end of the timer gets wet.  Be quick and pass it on!  Once again this is good for ages 5 and up and costs around $12.

Remember – Ryan is a toy reviewer.  We watch his videos.  He takes toys and fun seriously.

Grab yourself up his cool water toy games right away and enjoy the end of summer just like we are!  These are easy to purchase at Amazon or Target.


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