Waterfield = Quality Bags & Cases

This is not my first experience with Waterfield products.  A few years ago I received a travel duffel bag and quite honestly after quite a bit of use it is still in amazing and sturdy condition.  These products are just the real deal.  Hands down.  You will protect the precious tech items you love and do it in major style!  All of this quality craftsmanship is made right here in the USA: San Francisco CA to be exact.

I am so excited to be the owner of their awesome Dynamic Duo Glasses Case.  Now this is just genius; you safely store your reading glasses on one side and your sunglasses on the other side.  This is beautifully made leather case that will take good care of your eye wear all while doing it in style.  I love the smell of the delicious leather and just how well these products are made.  This is available for $69.00 and comes in an array of color options like chocolate, blue, black and grizzly).  Think holidays coming up or “just because”.

I cannot wait to see what they come up with next – just adore this company!  I also want to mention that these are all handmade from full grain leather.


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