Kellogg’s Releases Little Debbie® Swiss Rolls Cereal

swiss rolls cereal
swiss rolls cereal

Kellogg’s® Little Debbie® Swiss Rolls Cereal: Because Why Not Have Cake for Breakfast?

Finally, a cereal that’s dessert-worthy! We’ve got a treat for you, folks. Kellogg’s and Little Debbie are back at it, joining forces to give us the ultimate morning indulgence: Kellogg’s® Little Debbie® Swiss Rolls Cereal. Forget about mundane oatmeal or regular cereal because this crunchy, chocolatey swirl puffs and chocolatey creme coating, inspired by Little Debbie’s best-selling snack cake, are here to rock your breakfast world!

Can you believe it’s the 60th anniversary of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls? To celebrate, Kellogg’s and Little Debbie are unleashing this exciting breakfast delight upon us. So, instead of starting the day with a sensible meal packed with whole grains, protein, and fruit, we can dive headfirst into a bowl of pure chocolatey goodness. Hey, at least there’s some calcium in the milk, right?

Laura Newman, Kellogg’s Senior Director of Brand Marketing, expressed her excitement, saying, “Our fans went bonkers for the first three collaborations with Little Debbie, and we couldn’t be happier to keep delivering new ways to enjoy these beloved childhood treats.” Can you blame them? Who needs to worry about pesky things like health and nutrition when you can relish in the nostalgia and sugary sweetness of your youth?

Now, don’t fret if you’re concerned about monotony when it comes to sugary cereals. Kellogg’s and Little Debbie have got your back. In fact, this is their fourth time transforming a Little Debbie treat into a cereal, following the smashing success of Kellogg’s® Little Debbie® Oatmeal Creme Pies Cereal, Kellogg’s® Little Debbie® Cosmic® Brownies Cereal, and Kellogg’s® Little Debbie® Nutty Buddy Cereal. Because, really, what the world needs right now is more cereal options inspired by our favorite desserts, am I right?

According to Jeff Badger, Vice President of Marketing at McKee Foods, “The new Kellogg’s Little Debbie Swiss Rolls Cereal perfectly captures the nostalgic, sweet flavors of Swiss Rolls.” And who can resist capturing those delightful flavors in a bowl of cereal? Count me in!

So, prepare to bid farewell to those dull, healthy breakfast choices and say hello to a sugar rush in the morning. Kellogg’s Little Debbie Swiss Rolls Cereal will hit store shelves nationwide starting in April, so make sure you stock up on this chocolatey goodness. And who knows, we might even witness more pastry-inspired cereals in the future. Because, my friends, why not have cake for breakfast?