Kellogg’s Releases Elf on the Shelf Cereal

kellogs elf on the shelf

Kellogg‘s has released an Elf on the Shelf Snow Cream cereal. I can tell you that this has brought up many different emotions as a mom.

First of all, I absolutely hate the Elf on the Shelf but I cannot blame Kellogg’s for that. It was cute at one point. Useful,  to be able to get my kids to listen to me, but eventually the elf himself started causing a high degree of nightmares both with my kids and myself. I just was never enthralled with the idea of putting a stalker willingly in my home.

These particular cereals are hot cocoa and snow cream flavored. The snow cream has mini marshmallows and reminds me of those breakfast cereals one always had as a kid.

The hot cocoa one is much more up my alley as I much prefer chocolate. It’s pretty darn similar to the first with the frosted star pieces and mini marshmallows and the chocolate flavor is much more cocoa than chocolate.

On the box itself, it says it’s the Official Cereal of the North Pole, which did throw off one of my kids. See, one of my three kids is not really the smartest. We love him, but he’s not exactly college professor material. He saw the box and immediately became addicted.

“It’s official!” he screamed. He had to have the official one while watching The Polar Express as apparently, that’s now a rule.

I’m definitely the type of mom who likes a healthy breakfast, so this is certainly not a regular occasion but for a special treat, it certainly makes sense.