Top Healthy Breakfast Options

The old saying goes: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The challenge in my household has always seemed to be keeping breakfast healthy. Most kids prefer options that are exceptionally colorful and not necessarily good for you. I wanted to compile a list of the top healthy breakfast items that you could buy.

dam good muffins

The first on my list is Dam Good muffins. They are exactly as their name suggests, they are damn good. But what makes them so good? First of all, they are bigger than your average muffin and have a heartier taste to them than your average muffin. They are also useful for making breakfast sandwiches. Lastly, the production value is important and they are using some of the healthiest ingredients they could find.

hooray bacon

The second is Hooray Bacon from Hooray Foods, which is a veggie bacon that is the most similar to bacon that I’ve tasted. It has the look and even seems to cook just like bacon. Its taste is also pretty darn close. It even has the crispiness down pretty well. Put this in a breakfast sandwich and nobody will know the difference.



image of granola factory products


Hand batched and made in Pennsylvania, The Granola Factory granola is the real deal. I love the fact that they have that small-town feel but you can order straight online. This is made straight in the heart of Bethlehem, so you can either visit any local store or mail order with free shipping over $30. Their Toffee Almond Granola clusters are unreal, but honestly, I’m a traditionalist and love the original Bethlehem Inn. Maybe it feels a bit historic, but I just love that straightforward style.


image of threewishes cereals


Three Wishes makes basically amazing versions of my traditionally favorite cereals, but quite a bit healthier. It has zero sugar, more protein, and is even gluten-free. But the chocolate one here is just amazing!  That said, the fruity one tastes just like that childhood cereal that you grew up with, but I won’t mention!